Tonka - 01015ef

Tonka is a series that includes both cars and trucks. Maisto had acquired the Tonka name and started releasing diecast vehicles under this badging. These used the same molds as regular Maisto vehicles, but with the Tonka name and were priced twice as high as regular Maisto diecast cars and trucks. On the right is an example of the Tonka packaging, it is the Denver Pumper fire truck.

Tonka vehicles:

Year Number Name Photo
1 1953 Wrecker Image Not Available
2 PC5G Image Not Available
3 Desert Bug Image Not Available
4 Ladder Truck Image Not Available
2009 5 Disposal Truck Image Not Available
6 Fire Pumper Image Not Available
2009 7 Denver Pumper Tonka - 01015ef
8 Snorkel Image Not Available
9 Dune Buggy Image Not Available
10 Mighty Grader Image Not Available
2009 11 Tow Truck Tonka Tow Truck - 04747df
2001 12 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 ImagesCA047AH0
2000 13 Chevrolet Caprice Image Not Available
2003 14 2000 Chevy Express Van Td-08062305b

| 15 | 1998 dodge viper

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