Maisto Wheel Types

Wheel Name Era Notes
Generic Maisto Wheel - 05097cf Older style Maisto wheel
Wheel002 - 6675b 5-Spoke 4
Wheel003 - 6675b Ringed 5 spoke
Wheel004 - 6675b 5 Spoke
7770bf 7 Spoke
6899b 5 Spoke 3
7766bf 5 Spoke 3 - Red
Wheel006 - 6900bf Concave Turbine Concave surface
Wheel012 - 7093bf Turbine Flat surface
Wheel007 - 6915bf 5 Spoke 2
Wheel008 - 6903cf 10-Bolt Recessed
Wheel015 - 7151bf 10-Bolt Flat
Wheel009 - 6902bf Tri-Spoke
Wheel010 - 6907bf 5 Slot
Wheel011 - 7091bf Construction Used on construction vehicles
7767bf 6 Slot - dots 6 Slot with dots
7777bf 7-Dot
Wheel013 - 7094bf Saw Blade mE Maisto Edition Sawblade wheel
Wheel014 - 7095bf Penta 5 Spoke
7776bf 6-Slot
7882bf 6 Spoke Rubber Tire
4597cf Challenger Wheels Found on the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
Image Not Available 5 Spoke 5
8-Spoke 4WD - 04734cf 8 Spoke Found on VW
Image Not Available 4 Spoke Peddle Mainly seen on the Pontiac Solstice
Wheel001 - 6512bf Coverered 5 Spoke
7774bf Covered 7 Spoke
7775bf Coverered 5 spoke 2 Rubber tire
7773bf Covered 6 Spoke
Reversed - 4731bf Reversed Based on a reversed stock rim
7772bf Reversed Whitewall Based on a reversed stock rim

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