Denver Pumper
Debut Series Fresh Metal
Produced  ?-Present
Number  ?
Tonka - 01015ef

The Denver Pumper is based on the Matchbox No. 29 Fire Pumper.  Its name may be derived from the city of Denver, Colorado, whose name was often found on the doors of the Fire Pumper.  

It has also had much use as a Code 2 promotional model, being imprinted by numerous companies.  

Year Card # Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Notes / Variations Wheel Type Photo
Image Not Available
2009 15027 Tonka series Red Firetruck logos Black / Plastic Solid Black N/A Released under the Tonka brand Wheel002 - 6675b Tonka - 01015ef
2012 Fresh Metal Red "Firedept" on the sides Black / Plastic Solid Black N/A Wheel002 - 6675b Denver Pumper 2012 anwar

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